Justin Long, Pastor

Justin grew up in a small town in Missouri.  He attended church all through childhood and would have called himself a Christian, but, he says, “I did not truly give God control of my life until 2000.  It has been an amazing adventure since then.”

Justin earned his MA of Biblical Studies from Trinity Western University.  He holds a BA of Biblical Studies and Linguistics, also from TWU, and attended YWAM Discipleship Training School and School of Evangelism.  He’s been to eight different countries on four continents.

Pastor Justin says he would love to see BCF become a community of people who are engaged with God in a way that meaningfully impacts our lives, positively affects our community, and spreads the worship of God throughout the world. 

Justin and his wife, Ann are the parents of four children.

Email address: [email protected]

Jared Haechton, Associated Pastor serving in Thailand

Jared and Stacy joined our church in 2004 after moving to Blaine for Jared's degree program at ACTS seminary just over the border in Langley, B.C.  They forged deep relationships at BCF, ministering to the church as youth leaders and elders.  They raised their young family here as they prepared for the mission field.  The Haechtons headed out in 2012 under OMF International to share the gospel with the unreached in Thailand.  The Haechtons have five children.

Blaine Christian Fellowship Elders

While we believe that the biblical model is that the responsibility of leadership rests on men, we affirm that a husband without his wife is incomplete in ministry life as well as in his personal and public life.  A husband and wife team cannot be separated.  They together become a wonderful instrument of God's grace.  Good examples of this may be seen in Adam and Eve (see Genesis 2:18-25) and in Aquila and Priscilla (see Acts 18).  At Blaine Christian Fellowship, therefore, we appoint men to be elders, and see their wives to be an integral part of their ministry.

Dave & Debra Anderson

Matt & Davene Figley
Dan DeMent

Jeff & Anika Henry
Ryoichi & Lydia Takeda